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afterwards an 18-year-old student was arrested and police said they recovered a knife. the school is safe as far as you can tell? >> yeah. the school is safe. >> reporter: montgomery police said they're now looking into the possibility that today's stabbing was in retaliation for an incident last week. so you know the kid who was arrested? >> yes. >> reporter: 17-year-old kayla mcduffie, a senior at northwood says she's friends with the suspect in the case. were you there at the time? >> no. >> reporter: and that today's stabbing was completely out of character. what's he like? >> well, i know he has a job and this is his senior year and he's actually really smart. so i don't understand why he would do something like that. >> reporter: two more pieces of information for you, first the victim in the case suffered what is believed to be nonlife threatening injuries and second late this afternoon montgomery county police identified the suspect as 18-year-old chidat tarawally of silver spring who has now been charged with first degree assault. >> matt, thank you.
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two veteran police officers seen caught on tape in the beating of a university of maryland student after a duke basketball game in 2010 went on trial today. prince george's county officers reginald baker and james harrison are accused of assault and misconduct, but their defense lawyer said today it was the student john mckenna who was the threat. that trial is still underway and scott broom is there live in upper marlboro. scott? >> reporter: well, many of have us already seen this videotape repeatedly. the case is all about that videotape. in fact, the jurors got a look at it within two minutes of the lawyers started talking today. university of maryland student john mckenna slammed against a concrete wall on knox road in college park by riot police, then beat within batons. testifying in court today he doesn't remember the incident. the prosecutor today called all this an abuse of power and violence of trust, but lawyers for the police officers said mckenna was targeted under a
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zero tolerance order that night against anyone leading what they called a riot. >> he wasn't leading it whatsoever. >> reporter: outside court a witness nathan cole said he took his own cell phone video of the incident and remained stunned more than two years later. >> i tell you i lost days of supreme over it. i really did. it really -- sleep over it. i really did. it really bother med. >> reporter: cole said mckenna was fist pumping on the sidewalk in a goofy display of celebration and on a cell phone video cole took jurors heard mckenna singing the notre dame fight song. >> even though they tried to say he was doing this and that could be a threatening manner, any reasonable person can tell that's absolutely ridiculous. >> reporter: but the defense lawyer called mckenna yippy skippy arguing the student approached police horses with clenched fists and that the video showed mckenna as an aggressive agitator charging the police line in the midst of
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the riot. many of the blows were struck to force mckenna to show his hands after being taken down in a display of by the books police tactics brennan said and the attorneys want the jury to know the context of the night. the police had been there more than an hour trying to clear route 1 and knox road? n college park and ha they'd been giving command -- that they'd been giving commands there. had been a lot of confrontation that evening, but mckenna's friends said he came from a completely different direction and had no idea the police were even on the streets in the midst of what they believe was a celebration until mckenna literally ran into them. the trial continues tomorrow. scoot broom, 9 -- scott broom, 9 news now. just one day after rg3 just ran crazy all over the minnesota vikings everybody still talking about his three touchdown performance in front of the home fans at rfk stadium or should i say fedex field. forgive me. kristen berset is here with
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what mike shanahan had to say about his rookie quarterback. i'm sure he was downplaying it at all. >> if rg3 felt any ill effects from his concussion, he didn't show any signs yesterday. in fact, rg3 gave one of the most electrifying performances this area has seen on the gridiron in a very long time. not one, not two but three touchdowns for rg3 including this 76-yarder that sealed the deal for the skins. now it's not too often you see a quarterback outrun all the defenders. look at them looking back there. you are not catching him. the vikings held running back alfred morris to under 100 yards, but they had problems containing rg3. in all 13 carries, 138 yards for the quarterback. mike shanahan says the skills of his rookie will constantly give them the edge. >> people have to account for a quarterback where you put him in a number of different positions it will present problems for a defense and if you always know where a
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quarterback's at, obviously you can isolate them in that one position. if a quarterback is able to roll out, possibly run an option, drop back passing game, then there's some question where he'll be, then it's advantageous to the offense. >> most definitely. this is one play, one performance that won't be forgotten any time soon. coming up a little later in sports we take a depth look at how this one run is captivating a team and its city. >> i thought it might be captivating mike shanahan enough to get him to smile or something, but apparently not in the cards this time. that is okay. thank you. when rg3 broke loose and ran for that touchdown and then leaped into the stands yesterday at fedex, he leapt into the arms of the jones family of owings mills. that whole thing was captured on national television and our own bruce johnson tracked them down today to find out how their lives were affected by becoming the center of so much attention. >> like a lot of people, you see this shot and you say i wonder if near all related. they are.
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-- they're all related. they are. like a lot of us, they were waiting for something to cheer about at these home games. >> rg3 is going to outrace everybody! >> when rg3 took off toward the end zone sunday to seal the team's first home victory in a year, the jones family was waiting with their arms stretched out to meet him. >> all i could think of was he's coming right at us. we're going to get him. >> what else could rg3 do for a town still sulking from the nationals defeat friday. how about alam bow style leap into the stands. >> -- a lambeau style leap into the stands? >> we didn't say a word. he leaped up and pushed us completely back and i was just completely covered. >> reporter: it's the jones family owings maryland in calvert county all over rg3. >> she started hyperventilating. i thought she was going to pass now. >> reporter: he sat down with the couple and the two
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daughters at the family business in upper marlboro. >> facebook, twitter, instagram, anything you can think of. >> reporter: they're season ticket holders dating back to the super bowl years and before at rfk stadium. sunday football is almost a religion to this family. phyllis caught the kickoff ball during sunday's contest. one of the girls was proposed to during another game. >> it landed at my feet. >> reporter: now they're getting all kinds of offers for the end zone seats at fedex. the belief is rg3 will be making more appearances in the area real soon. how much for those seat snaps would you take to be willing to part with those -- seats? how much would you take to be willing to part with those seats? >> no way. >> i'm a businessman. i tried that this summer and i think the price of poker just went up after yesterday.
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>> phil says he lives in a house with all women. he doesn't have any say in this matter. he has 10 seats to redskins home game and they're predicting this team can go to the playoffs this year. >> rg3 says they were holding him back. he was trying to jump out of of the stands, but they wouldn't let him go. did they mention that? >> they mentioned the fact they may have given the redskins the idea of doing the lambeau leap because they had mentioned it to chris cooley at one time and tyler said oh, we're redskins, we don't do that kind of thing. well, with rg3, apparently we will do it and hopefully often. >> we'd like to see that again. it was a wet day all day across our area. meteorologist topper shutt is in the weather center with tonight's forecast. hey, top. >> we're tracking some showers and believe it or not, lesli, a couple thunderstorms. let's start with radar. there's activity west of town headed for fauquier county north of warrenton and another heavier storm moving into howard county. that's about to cross route 32, about to cross 29 and 95 in
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between d.c. and baltimore. even if you look carefully, this is lightning heading out of near the culpeper area, headed into fauquier county. don't be surprised if you hear the rumble of thunder, pretty heavy storms crossing 66 moving north and east. get ready chantilly, fairfax, anybody driving out 56, slow go, brief heavy rains with it actually. you can season the line of storms and the red indicates rainfall rates of about an inch per hour with pretty good lightning. this will move across 17, across toward haymarket and across 66 of the in next 30 minutes. after that -- 66 in the next 30 minutes. after that we'll talk about drying off and getting cooler coming up. a fire yesterday in upper marlboro, a woman pulled from her burning home yesterday morning on peach leaf court has now died. it's believed the fire started in the basement. investigators think it was an accident. there was a working smoke
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detector. customers of a manassas storage facility are counting up their losses tonight. about 80 storage units were heavily damaged or destroyed after flames broke out late last night at the store all facility on sudley road. >> reporter: fire officials were out here for most of the day. most of them just left a short time ago. the storage facility has multiple buildings, but only one building was damaged. it had about 85 units in it. this is youtube video of a fire at store all storage. you can see lots of smoke and some flames. officials say the fire destroyed about 85 units, though some of them were empty. >> because of the amount of stuff that was in some of the storage units and the amount of damage done to the building, it wasn't safe for to us go in there and do it by hand. so we contacted our public works department and we've got a backhoe that's assisting us pulling the material out. >> reporter: all day customers who heard about the fire stopped by to check to see if
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their unit was damaged. katrina woods says store all employees told her her building was not affected. >> i just said we want to run by and make sure it's not our storage holding my breath making sure. we'd like to know what happened. >> reporter: fire officials say the walls don't always go up to the creel, so there's a gap that al -- ceiling, so there's a gap that allowed the fire to jump from one unit to another, so there's lots of damage. the big question is what caused this fire. officials are still investigating. >> so much merchandise lost. thank you. coming up whatever happened to those nine pitbull thieves in that high profile raid in our area last month? the oldest dog may be available for adoption and soon. >> reporter: the teenage girl the taliban tried to murder arrived here in the united kingdom for specialized treatment.
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i have all the details coming up. >> but up next president obama and mitt romney preparing for tomorrow night's town hall style debate. the stakes are high in the big apple.
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the two major party candidates for president are warming up for their second of three debates. tomorrow night's town hall style debate will take place at new york's hofstra university. president obama is preparing at a resort in williamsburg, virginia, where his campaign staff said he'll be a bit more energetic than last time around. mitt romney's team says they're expecting a more aggressive opponent this time and they're ready for him. the pakistani girl who the taliban militants tried to kill has now been flown to britain for more medical treatment. >> the young activist is recovering from a gunshot to the head. we have the report from england. >> reporter: medical teams
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airlift mad la ed malala yousufzai to recover from the brutal taliban attack she survived last week. >> we expect her to be in hospital weeks if not months considering her injuries. >> reporter: a gunfired hitting her in her head as she rode home in her school bus. pakistani doctors say damaged bones will need to be repaired and replaced in malala's skull. she was able to move her hands and legs a few days ago but now needs intensive rehabilitation. malala will get long term care here at queen elizabeth hospital here in london. doctors specialize here treating children with severe injuries. support for malala is growing around the world. tens of thousands rallied in pakistan. schoolchildren chanted malala, we are with you. >> malala. >> reporter: her classmates say they will stay in school and won't let threats from the
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taliban scare them. taliban commanders in the valley where malala studied ordered all girls schools to close three years ago. malala launched a public complaint to keep them open and won awards for her bravery. that's why the taliban fighters claim they shot her and say they will try to kill her again if she recovers. >> the pakistani government has not publicly condemned the taliban. many are calling on pakistan's military to intensify their fight against the extremist group. the captain at the center of the costa concordia cruise ship tragedy appeared in court for a pretrial hearing today in italy. captain francesco was at the helm when that ship slammed into the pox off the mediterranean island -- rocks off the mediterranean island january 13th. the hearing focuses on evidence taken from the black box data recorder. a judge will then decide whether the captain should be charged with manslaughter. there were actually two records set yesterday when
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felix baumgartner made his 24- mile leap from the edge of the earth's atmosphere. youtube shows a record 8 million people watched the live stream of his skydive. check this out. the live stream lasted more than two hours from the relatively slow ascent to that history making jump which hit speeds up to 834 miles an hour. that makes baumgartner the first free falling human to break the sound barrier. wow. >> yeah, wow. you know, we were making a little fun of it last week saying we don't know if it's going to work. wow. he pulled it off. >> here's the bad news. he's never going to have another adrenaline rush in his life. that's it. 800 miles an hour. are you kidding me? roller coaster not going do it anymore. weird today. i left home pouring rain. by the time i got to d.c. the streets were dry. >> we had some showers hit or miss, a few more showers and even a thunderstorm on radar and then we clear out. we'll start with a live look
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outside, our cam catch we have clouds and -- our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son. we have clouds and some breaks in the cloud at airport and 70s, dew point 61. winds still out of the south. that should tell you the front is still to our west. when the winds kick northwesterly, front will be through us. here's our latest batch of showers. the red indicates rainfall rates of 1 to 1 1/2 inches per hour and other heavy activity went through parts of montgomery county into howard county. so we'll zoom into this storm. this is pretty heavy south and west of 17, south of 66, but this will actually cross 66 in the next 30 minutes. anybody headed out past fairfax headed toward westbound, they'll have a slow go because it's not severe right now, but i tell you what. it's got a pretty good rain shield in it headed toward warrenton and haymarket and again crossing over 66 in about the next 30 minutes. temperatures not bad, 61 in
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laytonsville, 61 gaithersburg, but 70 down in burke, 70 downtown, 69 in fort belvoir and in college park and also in bowie. so drying out quickly, showers rolling through quickly tonight, some went spots for the evening commute especially -- wet spots for the evening commute especially west and north of town. grab your shades tuesday and milder wednesday. for tonight breezy with showers and thunderstorms ending early, then clearing and mild, 44 to 52. winds become northwesterly 10 to 15. you'll know the front goes through when the winds switch. temperatures in the low to mid- 40s, 46 in reston tonight, 46 fairfax, 47 college park and bowie. so next three days we'll keep it code green. tomorrow looks okay, in fact, cooler but nice, gorgeous, 66. 71 wednesday, miler and 72 on thursday. -- milder and 72 on thursday. cloud come in late, maybe a shower, but i think -- clouds
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come in late, maybe a shower, but i think the bullet of the day will be just fine. friday temps go down to the mid- 60s, but not in bad shape. then they go mid-60s saturday, homecoming, university of maryland, terps in town, maybe a shower sunday, 70 and back in the mid-70s on monday. so this front goes through quickly and doesn't really usher in anything crazy cold, which is kind of nice. we'll have a nice week. >> howard's homecoming is this week, too to were. you forgot about that, but -- topper. you forgot about that. but that's all right. one time white house party crasher salahi prepares to enter a new phase in her life. >> but first never mind not drinking the water. at one local lake they're telling you you shouldn't even touch it, details up next.
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sky 9 was over lake mead in rockville where park users are being warned to avoid contact with the water and keep their pet as way from it, too. that's because of an outbreak of toxic blue green algae. natural resources experts now say a similar outbreak
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considered in 2009. they say there's a similar problem nearby at lake frank, but it's not nearly as serious. the latest results of the d.c. water waist tests are out and the winner is d.c. tap water according to the d.c. water and sewer authority. about 800 people were asked to taste samples of tap and bottled water and more than half the participants ranked tap water as tasting better. others said they didn't really takes a difference between the two samples -- taste a difference between the two samples. plans for a new bike and pedestrian trail in northeast d.c. were unveiled today. mayor vincent gray showing off the design for the new kenilworth aquatic gardens trail. it's part of a bigger 60 walk mile in d.c. and maryland. the city says it will create new options for bike commuters and boost the local economy. some satisfaction for rolling stones fans tonight. today four concerts were announced for later this year
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to be held in london and newark, new jersey. the stones last world tour earned them more than $500 million between 2005 and 2007. one half of the white house party crashers is getting remarried. there she is, michaele salahi is engaged to journey guitarist neil shown. she was married to tareq salahi for eight years. he filed for divorce after his wife star of real housewives of d.c. went missing last year, turned out she had left him for shone. tonight russ ptacek has uncovered everything from mouse poop to sewage. we'll spoil your dinner plans coming up. >> reporter: i'm andrea mccarren in alexandria with an update on one of the dogs seized from a suspected dogfighting operation. i'll have popeye's story next.
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we continue to track a story we brought you only on 9 last month. authorities in the alexandria section of fairfax county seized nine dogs from a suspected dogfighting operation. our andrea mccarren returned to alexandria today and is here to give us an update, hopefully a good one. >> well, charges are still pending in the case, but today we had the chance to meet with one of the pitbulls rescued from that suspected dogfighting ring and learn about a system that failed him.
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>> reporter: this is popeye the pitbull, almost 14 years old and a veteran dogfighter. remarkably at least five different veterinarians treated his injuries over the years, yet none of them contacted authorities to report he was potentially being used to fight. >> a lot of them like popeye has got, you know, pieces missing from his ear or tongue. he has large scars on his body. so these are some of the telltale signs. >> reporter: popeye was the oldest of nine dogs seized last month from a home in the alexandria section of fairfax county. since fighting dogs are a significant investment, it's not unusual that their owners seek top notch veterinary care. >> they will spare no expense. they will take them to some of the best known veterinarians in the area. it's not always underground vets or at home remedies. >> i was shocked to learn that
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they looked at him multiple times and this was multiple vets and none of them picked up the phone to call authorities whether it be their police department, humane society, united states or their local animal control. >> veterinarians are really the voice for these animals that are abused and neglected that can't speak for themselves and they should be aware of the warning signs. >> you's a good boy. >> reporter: humans failed popeye until now. his sweet disposition won the hearts of animal control officers who are now helping to care for him at the alexandria shelter. the law varies from state to state, but in virginia veterinarians are required to report suspected abuse or neglect. while the other eight dogs seized remain in the care of fairfax county, popeye is actually expected to be available for adoption within the next few weeks. he will obviously need a very special home and an owner who can give him the care and attention he didn't have for most of his life. >> as you said, the system
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failed at least in this case. thank you. in tonight's consumer alert a bank breach that could compact you and a cell phone mega deal, but first we go to the kitchen to talk about the peanut butter recall that continues to expand. so far 240 items are part of this salmonella investigation and today raw and roasted peanuts made by sunland, inc. are also included. sunland is the company linked to that multi-state outbreak of salmonella across the country. now if you've got a product in your home that's not made by sunland and none of these are, chances are they are safe, but you're going to want to keep watching our consumer segments because one of the challenges with this recall is the fact that a lot of companies use sunland products in their products and so this recall expands as they begin to pull their items off shelves and off the market just to be safe. there are a couple recalls that occurred just today. you can find out about those
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and see the full list of the items recalled on our website the nation's third largest cell phone company is about to make major move. sprint nextel agreed to a $20.1 billion deal with japan's soft bank. it will give sprint an immediate cash infusion to help modernize its network, improve 3g coverage and fund the rollout of a 4g network and that could be a significant benefit to subscribers. customers of td bank want to keep a closer eye on their accounts. the financial institution says more than 260,000 of them may have been affected by a data breach. the bank says it misplaced some backup tapes that contain customers' names, addresses, social security and account numbers. td bank has not received reports of customer information being compromised, but check your statement and credit report just to be safe. safeway, quiznos, even kiosks in restaurants and major
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shopping centers are on tonight's food alert violator list. here's our investigative reporter russ ptacek with his appetizing story. >> between what inspectors reported and what we caught on camera, even if you didn't eat the food, this report might be enough to turn your stomach. at seschuan palace in rockville, suspicious when she saw our food alert crew come in, this woman left her tip but abed her lunch. >> yeah. i sense -- abandoned her lunch. >> yeah. i sentenced that just now. >> reporter: we hadn't even told her about reports of roach and -- i sensed that just now. >> reporter: we hadn't even told her about reports of roach and mouse droppings all over the kitchen. also yo-yo cafe was cited for a heavy mouse infestation and resulting contamination. we told them when they came out. how was the food here? >> it was good up to one point. >> reporter: at bowie town
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center workers at hibachi japan said the manager did not want to discuss repeat violations resulting in a suspension and security told us we weren't welcome. >> unfortunately it's all private property. >> reporter: inspectors cited the kiosk for multiple infractions. that wasn't the only shopping center violation. inspectors shut down several kiosks including here at westfield wheaton mall. at ice ice baby inspectors cited workers not washing hands and ice cream cone containers stored on top of open garbage, a toothbrush in the food sink and like when we were there, a violation of eyeglasses stored right next to the napkins people put on their mouths. over at auntie ann's inspectors say there was no hot water and the worker serving the famous pretzel wasn't washing her hands anyway. this rot says here in rockville inside that safeway -- report says here in rockville inside that safeway when inspectors walked in the deli, they found
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sewage under the rotisserie oven. safeway describes it as water and grease, not human waste. in a statement safeway said at no time was any food safety compromised and workers cordoned off the area so that no food prep would take place in the affected area. atlanticly park's tabir restaurant -- langley park's tabi restaurant the place looked clean, but they wouldn't let us do an interview. there were live roaches and more cockroaches in restrooms, the dishwashing, wall storage, kitchen sink and a roach in a soap dispenser in another restaurant. another customer walked out after seeing us at delight donut in district heights. you just bought some donuts and then what did you do? >> i put them back up in there. >> reporter: there was overflowing sewage on the kitchen floor, food stored on the freezer floor and operating
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without a food safety manager. this aspen hill quiznos was closed, passed reinspection and reopened. just wait till you see what we caught on video inside. this what is we found near the chip shelf at the front counter of the belfre road quiznos. the manager said after he was shut down, they brought in exterminators and took extra steps to keep it clean. >> they come and check. we wash all. >> reporter: look what i found in your store. what's that look like to you? >> what is this? >> reporter: looks like mice feces to me. >> very no idea about that, but we did on same day and we are doing all precautions. >> reporter: he pledged to work harder and a worker swept away the evidence.  all the establishments passed when inspectors returned and are now back in business. for 9 wants to know, i'm investigative reporter russ ptacek, 9news. >> russ picked that up with his
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hand? ew. coming up a base jumper tries an acrobatic stunt, wow. look at that. we'll tell you what happened to him. >> up next so-called low altitude fireworks get a little too low for spectators at the opening of a weekend expo. >> don't forget we're always on at stay with us. we'll be right back.
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caught on tape the fireworks display that goes horribly wrong in china, nearly 100 people work when some of the fireworks misfired and actually fell into the crowd. this was the opening of the west lake international expo over the weekend. most of the people hurt suffered from burns and some of them still in the hospital. also caught on tape a heart stopping base jumping accident, this daredevil stunt nearly ending in tragedy in norway. that jumper flung off the side of the cliff when the bar he was preparing to flip on broke. everybody was all but certain he died there, but he survived. he opened his parachute just a few moments before he hit the ground. you can see a little picture of it down there.
5:41 pm
>> okay. base jumping not for me, never ever. now to a somewhat unusual rescue for firefighters when a young deer got trapped in a canal. >> so a couple out on bikes noticed the deer struggling to swim in a sacramento canal yesterday afternoon. first responders called for the river rescue boat, but the deer wouldn't cooperate. so the firefighters tried throwing a lasso without any success, took them about an hour, but that deer did eventually become so tired it allowed the rescuers to get it to safety. the animal was tranquilized and will be released back into the wild. big win yesterday at fedex field and big plays, but the one they're all talking about, rg3, how fast is mr. griffin? we'll detail that coming up in sports. >> but first dry eyes, they often get worse in the fall and sometimes eye drops don't help. we have a health alert about a brand-new treatment that could bring permanent relief.
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topping our health alert an update on the meningitis outbreak. this thing keeps getting bigger. the fda is adding two drugs distributed by the new england compounding company to its investigation. a steroid from this pharmacy used for back pain is already
5:45 pm
tied to this outbreak of fungal meningitis. it's killed 15 people across the country. now we have reports of a patient who got a separate steroid from the same pharmacy and infections in two heart transplant patients who got injections during open heart surgery. 214 cases of illness have been reported nationwide so far. we will keep tracking it. so do you have dry eyes? not the kind an eye drop takes care of but an uncomfortable chronic condition that can interfere with your life? if, so this alert is for you with a new novel treatment that uses heat. >> when your eyes are very dry, you start to get very tired. you don't really want to keep them open. >> beth dromrick of potomac has had dry eyes as long as she can remember. not only do they burn and itch, but she gets headaches and unrelenting fatigue. dry eyes affect more than 20 million people in the u.s. and nearly 40% of those people
5:46 pm
experience symptoms on a regular basis. >> one of the biggest culprits is hormonal changes. this is a very common problem in females over 40. >> dr. allen glacier of rockville has a new treatment that promises to combat the symptoms without medication or constant use of drops. >> lipilow is a procedure that helps people with evaporative type. >> that's when the glands in the eyelids have trouble producing the oils to control your tears. the glands can become clogged over the years. >> the scientists who developed lipiflow determined the exact temperature they needed to warm the eyelids to to melt the clogged gland. >> after an initial examination dr. glacier uses these clasps to use controlled heat and then the clasps massage the glands to stimulate production. what did it feel like? >> it was actually very
5:47 pm
soothing. >> this is a total paradigm shift in the treatment of dry eye. there's never been anything like it for this particular problem which is the major cause of dry eye. >> reporter: feeling the major benefits can take two to four weeks. it took about three weeks for beth to feel lasting relief. in general, what is the feeling of your eyes now? >> more moist, just not feeling like they're dry and tired. i'm not aware of my eyes as muchs a was before. >> so -- much as i was before. >> that treatment there with the clasps on the eyes lasts about 12 minutes. patients follow up with a doctor in a month. balls it's so new it is not covered by insurance -- because it's so new it is not covered by insurance and the procedure costs about $1,700. seven in 10 arlington residents hold at least bachelors degrees and that is one of the reasons reader's digest magazine calls it the second smartest and sharpest city in the nation. the survey looked at education levels, eating and exercise
5:48 pm
habits, health conditions and socialability. san francisco was the top of the list, arlington, fremont, seattle and madison, wisconsin. >> i bet you arlington residents already knew that, though. they didn't need anybody to tell them that. >> 10 is pretty high. speaking of high, it was a relatively hot september across the globe. let's go to the computer for a second. actually it tied with the hottest september set back in 2005. the global temperature, that's everybody, was 60.2 degrees. that's pretty toasty for september and again records go back to 1880. not a record setting september here, but it was if we do it globally. let's take a live look outside. this is worth looking at. check that picture out. doesn't that look cool? >> what is that? >> that's a little storm cloud, the frontal boundary rolling through producing some pretty good storm southwest of us. it's our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son.
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66 downtown. we managed to make it to 72, dew point 54. look at the winds 13 out of the north. so the front is through now, pressure beginning to rise, 29.69 inches of mercury. here's a look at radar. this what is we've tracked the past couple hours pulling into fauquier county just south of darnton headed into prince william county and we've -- warrenton headed into prince william county and eventually headed into fairfax county and cross 95. south of warn top this is a heavy little storm, no hail -- warrenton this is a heavy little storm, no hail in it and rainfall 1 to 1 1/2 inches per hour. so some pretty big rains headed off towards manassas, fairfax, going to cross 66 and 95 in the next 30 to 40 minutes. if you're going out 66, going down 234 or headed down 15 west of midland, you've got some pretty heavy weather, slow going but not severe. temperatures accident 61 laytonsville, 62 great --
5:50 pm
temperatures, 61 laytonsville, great falls and reston. 66 downtown and in college park. it is just rolling through the district right as we speak. drying out quickly, some wet spots, though, for the evening commute. a little cooler tomorrow, but nothing crazy cool. grab your shades tomorrow, milder wednesday. tonight breezy with showers and storms ending early, then clearing and filed, 44 to 52, wind northwest 10 to 15. want to walk your dog after dinner, showers should be gone. by morning mostly sunny, cool, maybe a light jacket, 40s and 50s, that not windy. by afternoon mostly sunny, cooler, but nice, high temps around 65 and winds out of the northwest at about 10, a very nice day tomorrow. so the zone forecast, well, 50 in oakland tomorrow, 58 cumberland, sunshine from the mountains to the coast, 60 in hagerstown, 62 winchester, warm spot culpeper 66, 64 warrenton,
5:51 pm
manassas, leesburg, fairfax 64, 66 downtown. up to the north gaithersburg, rockville mid-60s, mid- to upper 60s in southern maryland and most of the bay will not have a small craft advisory for them. just a couple parts have an advisory early. next three days code green, cooler, next tomorrow on tuesday, sunny, 66, 71 wednesday, gorgeous and even thursday is okay. we'll keep it green. clouds come in late, low 70s, maybe a shower by nightfall. next seven days, nice on friday, 70s, some showers to the west of us. homecoming, terps are home, university of maryland, cooler saturday but nice, homecoming for howard university, too shower possible sunday but mild, 70, a few clouds late monday, but nobody will complain with temps in the mid- 70s. >> not at all. thank you. so we knew rg3 was fast, but watching him pull away from would be viking defenders is a sight many of us will never forget. >> you should have seen me running around my living room
5:52 pm
while i was watching him do it you think he's fast. >> but as dave owens reports, it's an image that has the burgundy and gold nation and topper, too buzzing. >> huge plays yesterday at fedex field. niles paul almost takes the head off of a minnesota viking player. lorenzo alexander, we know he does a lot in the community, tv, radio, but he's n come up with an interception. >> it's picked up by lorenzo alexander. >> but the play everybody is talking about robert griffin, iii in the clutch. i think you can still see the scorched earth on fedex field, 76 yards for the touchdown. flame this image. it's now the signature of the most dynamic exciting young player in the nfl. in 76 yards rg3 rescued a team. >> i knew no one was going to catch it. >> reporter: lifted a city and served notice when he's on the field, redskins have a chance
5:53 pm
against anybody. >> it was a heck of a play, don't see that very often. >> griffin traveled the final 40-yard of his td jaunt in roughly 4.4 seconds, quite a run to remember, only slightly slower than these other notable rough estimates like usain bolt's final 40 yards at the most recent olympics or redskins great darrell green's 4.15. rg3 is doing it all. producing highlights mere mortals like this old washed up football player could only dream of. dave owens, 9 sports. >> oh, dave, but we can all dream, right? the ironic thing of it, griffin told reporters after the game that he considered stepping out of bounds to avoid getting hit. of course, so much was made of his concussion last week good thing for redskins fans he
5:54 pm
changed his mind at the last minute. >> absolutely. still ahead on 9 if it's the day after a debate, it must be virginia, a look at which presidential candidate plans to make an appearance in the battleground state this wednesday. >> i was best man in his wedding. >> a worried vigil in a herndon home as the search continues for two men missing in the montana wilderness. i'm bruce leshan, this story come up. >> but first living an enriching life for as long as possible. meet pay local organization helping to make that happen up next in hero central.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
these days we are living a bit longer than just 30 years ago. in fact, it's an average of eight years longer according to the u.s. census bureau, but the quality of that life may not be equal for everyone. tonight jc hayward salutes the downtown geriatric daycare center in d.c. as part of hero central. >> come on, get the stake on the post. good job. >> it's a good place to be because you sit home, you have no one to talk with and here we become a family. we never fight. we have games. >> reporter: ivan brandt enjoys a lively game of pig in the poke with friends at the
5:58 pm
downtown clusters geriatric daycare center. . >> wednesday joy our time together. it makes you seem like you're alive. >> reporter: the 71-year-old says her doctor recommended the center so she would not be alone. >> we give seniors a new lease on life and attitude and action. we give them hope and we give them place where they can feel safe and stimulated. >> reporter: the organization serves the district's elderly for free. participants can take physical therapy, occupational therapy, art therapy and there are workshops for those with alzheimer's disease. >> pick out a good one. >> i love to do art therapy. >> reporter: 70-year-old charles thomas brightens up when he paints his wooden plane. he also enjoys physical therapy. >> i get a chance to work my body parts and keep myself in shape. >> we are a voice for those who are functionally impaired and we want to send a resounding
5:59 pm
message that they matter, too. just because a person may be impaired it doesn't mean that their quality of life has to be compromised. >> reporter: i'm jc hayward, 9 news now. >> and the downtown clusters geriatric daycare center is open to d.c. residents 60 years and older. you can learn more about it at this is 9 news now. breaking news now out of montana where we are hearing that two hikers missing in glacier national park have been found. our bruce leshan is in the newsroom tracking this developing story. bruce. >> yeah, less i, what great news. we just -- lesli, what great news, we just got a phone call a couple minutes ago from one of the friends of these two guys. these friends have been standing vigil out in herndon at neal peckens home and they just called and said that the two men have walked out on their own. they walked into the woods at glacier national park last tuesday.

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